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Roco files for bankruptcy

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Roco has filed for bankruptcy and have turned their receivables over to their bank, which is one of the first steps toward reorganisation bankruptcy.

It has been suggested that this has come about for a number of reasons which include the cost of their new facility and the generally flat European market for toys. It could also be their adventure into the North American market and subsequent withdrawal which would seem to point toward too much out-goings with and too little coming in.

Roco has been producing quality models since the early sixties. Over the years they have strived for excellence and today are considered one of the finest production model train companies in the world.

This is a shock to the model railway industry. In the 1970s, Roco became Europe's largest manufacturer of track. By investing heavily in automation they were able to produce track for other companies cheaper than those companies could produce it themselves. This resulted in their supplying much of the track sold under various trade names. Amongst their British customers was Hornby who had their track made in Austria by Roco for nearly 30 years before retooling it for production in China.

Roco in Difficulty [via Pat Hammond]
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This is from the Roco site, with a rough translation via Google, I hasten to add.

ROCO rOCO-Presseinformation
Salzburger model railway manufacturer ROCO insolvent
Hope for continuation of the enterprise

Hallein, 15.7.2005. Yesterday at 16:30 o'clock had to communicate ROCO owner Peter farm servant woman in contexts of a workshop meeting to the woman employees and coworkers at the location Rif that it is forced due to the economic situation of the enterprise, today Friday, to bring in for the 15,7,2005 the bankruptcy petition over a part of the societies of the ROCO getting thing.

ROCO model play goods GmbH with the locations Hallein Rif, Gloggnitz and Banska Bystrica (SK) is concerned, the ROCO tool construction GmbH & CO. Kg with the location Gloggnitz, and the ROCO possession and participation GmbH into Hallein Rif.

The other societies of the ROCO group, that are not the ROCO getting thing GmbH than company nut/mother, the ROCO plants GmbH and the ROCO model play goods marketing company m.b.H. in freeread-sing are affected by the insolvency.

The manufacturing and the distribution of the products are to be guaranteed after introduction of the bankruptcy proceedings. The owner aims at an obligation reconciliation. The enterprise stands with the financing house bank in intensive negotiations around the enterprise to continue to be able.

Information to ROCO
ROCO is a Salzburger private business and employed last at the locations Salzburg, Gloggnitz and Banska Bystrica (SK) of approximately 800 coworkers. In the financial year 2004 a conversion of 44,7 millions euro could be gained. ROCO manufactures approximately 300,000 locomotive and approx. in the year 1 of million railroad car models, in addition accessories, like rails and control elements. Over 80% go to the manufacturing into the export. Chief market for ROCO is followed Germany with a portion of 65%, of the home market Austria.

Pasted from
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Perhaps they tried too hard. Their Roco Style range of products being a case in point.

It would be a shame to see them go as their digital systems are popular with people trying out DCC for the first time.

Perhaps Hornby will buy them out too...
QUOTE (Doug @ 15 Jul 2005, 13:33)Perhaps they tried too hard. Their Roco Style range of products being a case in point.

It would be a shame to see them go as their digital systems are popular with people trying out DCC for the first time.

Perhaps Hornby will buy them out too...

Is the top model also available in blonde?
I owned one or two of their locomotives but after they stopped making any N Scale models I pretty much forgot about them, still it's sad to see. I did always like their minitanks.
QUOTE Sehr geehrte Kunden und Freunde von ROCO

Nach dem Konkurs der ROCO Modellspielwaren GmbH am 15. 7. 2005 haben wir, die Modelleisenbahn GmbH, am 25. 7. 2005 als Auffanggesellschaft die Arbeit aufgenommen.

Seit 45 Jahren steht der Name ROCO für Modelle, die in Detailtreue, Fahreigenschaften und Technologie die Herzen der Modelleisenbahner höher schlagen lassen. Dieser Tradition fühlen wir uns verpflichtet und freuen uns darauf die Marke ROCO wieder in eine erfolgreiche Zukunft zu führen.

Aufgrund der Geschehnisse ist es notwendig unseren Internet-Auftritt zu überarbeiten und zu aktualisieren. Wir bitten um Ihr Verständnis und ein wenig Geduld.

According to news reports Roco is back in operation under a new name, Modelleisenbahn GmbH. Several members of the old regime are working for the new firm that is now based in Munich, Germany.
I do so hope that Roco can be resurrected.
imho, they were possibly the 'best' Continental manufacturer when balancing the main qualities of fine appearance, good running qualities and that all important factor - price.

That applies to HO.

My two experiences with N gauge fell down badly on running qualities - a terrible disappointment there. A direct comparison of their V160 with the Fleischmann equivalent gave the edge to Roco on sharply detailed appearance, though that is not to say there was anything wrong with the Fleischmann, only that the Roco was EVEN better! My recollection is that the Roco cost close to half the Fleischmann price (more than 10 years ago) but the Roco ran like a lame dog compared with the ultra-smooth Fleschmann model. Maybe I was just unlucky, but both my N gauge Roco locos exhibited simlar 'looseness' in their stance on the track and leaned and rocked alarmingly when in slow motion, due to a mixture of light weight and sloppy bogy pivots.

Well it looks like Roco is back for now.

QUOTE ... Everything is the same as always, and everything is brand new - that would be one way to describe the situation we find ourselves in today. We have the same business partners, the same customers, and the same love of model railways. We have a new corporate structure, a new corporate image, and a new vision.

Although the company as such is new, we can look back on a 45-year model railway tradition because many members of the current staff already worked for Roco for many years. It is therefore our personal ambition to keep the Roco name alive, and to be able to pass on our enthusiasm for model railways to the generations that follow.

All our work is bound to the values that Roco was always renowned for: quality, reliability, prototypical accuracy, and technical innovations. These are the foundations the Modelleisenbahn company is built upon. We know that the road ahead is not an easy one, but we are already seeing the first signs of success, and we are convinced that our efforts and the passion of our customers will be the basis for many more years of Modelleisenbahn and Roco.

I hope to see some distinctive new models from this company.
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I had been wondering about Roco, so it's great to see this.

I guess I'll have to start keeping tabs on them again to keep up to date.
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I like the sentiment. but passion alone wont keep them in business. it will be interesting to see what happens.

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