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QUOTE What does it say?
Even after Steven's machine translation, I'm still wondering...

Only joking - well half joking. These machine translators do the words but they never catch the idiom which renders them near to useless at times.

Anyway, assuming that "brand" would be a better word than "sign", I come to the following conclusion:-

Roco N is dead; buy it before stocks run out. It may come back later as Fleischmann but don't hold your breath.

Fleischmann HO is pretty much dead apart from rare German outline and quaint historic stuff. Passenger coaches will continue to be a compromised scale.

Roco HO will be the scale modeller's choice with no more short coaches and lots of international models.

It's going to take two or three years for these changes to work their way through the two companies' portfolios of products but the product announcements for 2009 have taken these strategic changes into account.

I think that's reasonably close?

Over to you continental fans. Roco Swiss stuff looks safe but Fleischmann Swiss HUPAC lorry trailers aren't?

1 - 1 of 13 Posts
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