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Roco Line and GeoLine

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Has someone experiences to combine Roco Line and GeoLine on one track? I bought Starter Set with Line and ordered in addition GeoLine Rails, this was wrong seems to me. I can't assemble the parts, impossible without damaging of it. Any idea?
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As I understand it, Rocoline and Geoline are not compatible with each other, so you should choose one or the other but not both.
I suggest you return the Geoline to the shop for credit and get Rocoline instead.

Didn’t one or both become “end of line” recently?
This Accessories catalogue on the Roco website

lists Rocoline with and without 'bedding' - ie built ballast. There is no mention of Geoline.

The new train sets in the 2021 Novelties programme catalogue -
all come with Rocoline with bedding.

The lack of Geoline mentions imply it has been discontinued.

I remember reading an article, which I now cannot find, that there was a dispute over the rights to Rocoline at the time the current owners bought Roco out of receivership. The new owners needed a track system so the result was 'Geoline'. The dispute was subsequently settled and Rocoline became available once more.

I use Rocoline with bedding on my Continental Shelf layout.

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1 - 2 of 10 Posts
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