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Roco Line and GeoLine

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Has someone experiences to combine Roco Line and GeoLine on one track? I bought Starter Set with Line and ordered in addition GeoLine Rails, this was wrong seems to me. I can't assemble the parts, impossible without damaging of it. Any idea?
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Didn’t one or both become “end of line” recently?
I thought one or the other was out of production, I use Trix-C track on my layout (U.K.) mainly because everything is easy to lay, point motors are all in the track bed and it means there are is no wiring under the baseboard, it’s has been excellent track very reliable and my entire layout is fed with just one main track feed, one of the main reasons I chose Trix-C was the electrical connection between track pieces doesn’t rely on fishplates but nice electrical connection within the track bed, it’s been the most reliable (electrically) layout I’ve ever made.
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Hi David, that's an interesting comment on the connection within the trackbed. I will have a look at the Trix-C website and have a look to see how that might apply to the N Gauge Kato track.

Funny you should say that as I also have a full Kato N gauge track layout as well, although it is now relegated to leaning up against the playroom wall, points are all motorised (but not DCC just the standard Kato DC switching) and the track is DCC all fed from just one point (another one, yes I break the rules ;) ), the Kato layout was layed about 15 years ago an I never bothered DCC’ing the points, I am sure you can now. I worked in Japan frequently and the exchange rate back then was so good I used to come back with a suitcase full of stuff.
This was during initial layout and proving
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And more recently, I had a push last year…something about more time to play, cannot imagine why?
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No droppers needed, one feed to entire layout which also controls all the points from my Ecos controller, brilliant.
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