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QUOTE (Geoff Booth @ 16 Oct 2008, 03:25) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>Would I be right in thinking that Lenz are producing this for Roco? Assuming they are do they intend to do something similar for Lenz systems? Having got an LH100 system already an easy wireless option either Roco or Lenz would be very appealing.

There is plenty of comment on how Lenz are not producing anything new in DCC and focusing on O gauge; perhaps their capacity for new DCC stuff is contracted to Roco?


Hi Geoff

Lenz have had a couple of wireless options for a while using a phone adapter
details Here

They also have a computer based (using a PDA) system with a software package
Details Here
The set includes the LZV100 and computer interface , so in theory all you wood need is the software package to run a PDA through 802.11 wireless network standards to your main computer (you still need the xpressnet computer adapter though)
Details Here

But I am in no hurry to update anything at the moment , so I can watch and wait for new developments

Regards Zmil
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