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Roco MultiMAUS Pro - Wireless

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Roco have announced a wireless MultiMAUS.

The advance information we have from Roco is in German so the details are a bit sketchy. It looks like a complete starter system comprising the base unit/amplifier, Rocomotion software & the first handset (which looks like the wired Multimaus, except that it's blue) has a RRP of 399.00 euro, with extra handsets for 199.00 euro.

It look very much like a radio system & not IR.

I'll post more details when I get the English version catalogue (probably in a few days).

UPDATE: Info and links to product, a couple of posts down.
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If problems do occur in an exhibition, then there is a very simple solution. Plug in a tethered handset(s) and use that/those instead.
All these systems have this capability; something that R/C model aicraft and cars don't have

Basic Dynamis is probably the only system where you can't do this, but adding the Pro Box allows tethered handsets to be used.
With IR there shouldn't be as much of a problem with the limited range available.
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