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I agree it does all look very impressive!

Open doors and moving pantographs with sound will perhaps be seen on all sorts of models in a few years time? A case of until you have it you don't mind not having it because it is a 'gimmic' but then when you do it makes all your other models seem a bit boring in comparison? Roco must have invested in these mechanisms so I imagine they will be appearing on other releases in the nearish future, especially it it sets them apart from other manufacturers for a while.

Now just excellent detail is not enough, coordinated sound and onboard motion are the new standards. That Trix H0 is being repositioned away from Maerklin a bit should present some very healthy competition in future? Things are looking good if Roco, who were bought a while ago, are being so bold and ambitious. None of the dreaded 'consolidation' in evidence?

I think I could get away with mentioning the new Roco N starter set (21200) here, a DB 101 with EuroCity train with DB and ÖBB coaches. Although without these new excellent H0 features the BR 101 has headlights and tail lights (normally you only get these on shunters) with digital control.

RRP 229,00 EUR will certainly be very tempting with the digital system and track included!

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