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Roco new item E10.3

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This new item has been announced by Roco. It is a starter set with the following features;

Digital starter set with E 10.3 electric locomotive and DB express train



For friends of the third epoch ("Epoche III") of the Deutsche Bundesbahn, this starter set offers a model E 10.3 locomotive with digital controls and additional digital functions. In addition to offering a wide range of sound functions, the digital controls can also be used to raise and lower the pantograph. The three express train cars, all in 1:87 scale, have doors which can be opened and closed using digital controls. This is accompanied by characteristic door noises.
Roco geoLINE track oval R3:
14 straights G200 (incl. 1 current connection element)
12 curves R3
Transformer 10725, 50 VA/3,2 A
Digital amplifier 10764, 50 VA/3,2 A
9999 locomotive addresses programmable
Initial voltage, acceleration, and deceleration can
be individually programmed (optionally with 14 or
28 speed steps)
Light separately controlled

It has the standard starter set stuff a DCC controller and track but what make sthis stand out is some of the digital features offered. The loco has raising and lowering of pantographs. Although this was previously offered by Maerklin and Trix it is still pretty rare. What it also has is opening and closing of coach doors accompanied by the correct sounds. Sounds good doesn't it? and all for the sum of 790 Euro's

More here.
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hi all,

i see theat gaugemaster ist going to be doing this set for £774 for the dc version... and £6?? fo rthe ac version, here is a link to the dc version.

it's due in the 4 qtr 08

start saving now lads

hi neil, that cheaper again. but then you have import duties on it. but. it will still be cheaper in the long run

hi neil,

very tempting to get one, however i'm running on (oo) gauge. and still have to get the layout up yet. and getting the green stamps gathered up is another. i did read somewhere that you can run a ho gauge on a oo track if it's for ho/oo on the packaging. otherwise it would not run on the oo track, i'm not 100% on this. this what i would like to see in the brittish oo dmu's or emu's, now that would be something. something for hornby and bachmann to think about. of course there would be a premium. if it was a reasonable one, i don't think they would be in stock for long. just imagine a class 170 scotrail with opening doors with sound at the touch off a button. give me a nudge to waken me
up. ah well we can all dream.

1 - 3 of 18 Posts
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