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Rolling Road

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Hi all
I'm looking to buy a "00" rolling road, but which one will offer me the best value for money and be of use for both steam amd diesel outline locos?
What do you use or recommend?
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I use the Bachrus Rolling Road which i think is fantastic, can be adjusted for every type of loco if you buy the four saddles and the stirrup extension pack.

This is not where I bought mine from, but it shows the product well. I didn't pay this much for it tho!
The Gaugemaster one is the one we use - not the cheapest but a nice bit of kit - & you get a quality DC analogue controller built in - you can also use it to feed a test track or even a small layout.
I bought mine off the internet from a chap who manufactures them himself as a hobby business I think he is based somewhere in the potteries but it is a while back and i can't remember the website addy now but mine is descent quality and wasn't too expensive try looking on ebay he might advertise on there
I use the Hornby rolling road. Very happy with it. Simple to use and set up.

I actually have two. One is for the Live Steam and has rollers that are un-powered. The other road has powered rollers, so it is fine for tank engines. I used both rolling roads when testing the American Shay and Heisler as the number of powered axles was more than one road could handle:

Hornby Un-powered roller rolling road: R8203
Spare rollers: R8209

Hornby Powered roller rolling road: R8211
Spare rollers: R8212
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I use the bachruss one available from Digitrains, very versatile and beautifully engineered.
Just to say - Thank you to all who helped me make a choice.
I opted in the end for the new Hornby offering R8211 as it seems to do all I want.
So thanks again,
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1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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