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QUOTE (Piermaster @ 13 Aug 2007, 10:09) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>I caught it all with my chest and it suffered a lot of damage. Remaining calm at this time was difficult, I stopped operating until that family left me, the word 'sorry' was not part of the parents vocabulary.

To those parents: Thank you for ruining my weekend, and thank you for trying to destroy my efforts, please do not encourage your kids into this hobby, we don't want them. We're not that desparate!!!
I'm sorry to hear this, I hope you are able to make good all the damage without too much trouble. 'Family days' really need the riot police or a rule that all children under a certain age be kept on leashes / walkers (or what ever they are called) whilst at the exhibition. Was the layout behind any kind of barrier at the time? I would have a polycarbonate screen if I were at an exhibition, even if it does screw up photography for the short. I suppose that one must make do with what is provided on the day in terms of a sound platform/table for the layout...most car boots being of a finite size (with respect to taking your own flood defences)!

At least you know what to expect next time from the little cherubs...

I have to say that the lack of an apology from the parents would anger me more than the gremlins actions themselves...after all what else are gremlins for?

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