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Hi All,

Just to say that Route's End has been repaired with new and re-designed masts. For those who are not familiar with this, it is a 3ft 6in x 7in HO Light Rail terminus that originally started out as American and in view of the globalisation of Light Rail Transit (Croydon Tramlink cars were built by Bombardier, Vienna to the same design as the Koln cars, Manchester Metrolink cars were built in Italy as were the Midland Metro cars, the Sheffield Supertram vehicles are German and the Strasbourg cars were built in Birmingham before Alstom closed)!! Consequently, I've now made the layout 'Anywhere in the English speaking world'.

There is no overhead wiring because I don't want a repeat performance of masts going "ping, ping, ping..." and besides, Walmington Pier Tramway is my star layout and that gets all the tlc and attention, Route's End is just a diversion, anyway here's some pics:

General aerial view showing the new masts in place.

A very busy terminus with MBTA & MUNI Boeing LRVS.

MBTA leaving reversing siding for station.

101 uses for a Peco Loco-Lift, my fiddle yard!!!

Influenced by my photos of New Addington?

Two Mehano Boeing LRV cars maintain the passenger service and supported by a Bachmann US-spec Ballast Tamper - after all, Blackpool and Croydon Tramlink have their own ballast tampers.

Now available for exhibitions and will be seen at Southwold on 4th & 5th August.


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That's very nice. Seeing your two car models and having recently read Goedel's bridge thread, I am posting this photo of a pair of trams crossing a rather impressive bridge in Bern.

Sky Daytime Building Water Tree



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