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Rs609 question

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First of hello all this is my first post
Well over the last few day we have been going through the loft and we have come across a old set all mint condition its the RS609 live smoke and sound set , dose any one know what this set is worth .
I have looked all over the web and really cant find any thing on this set
Thanks for any help
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Hornby RS.609 Express Passenger Set Year - 1972
More details here.
Thank you , and its the 1971 set looking at the pic on the box ,so this only leaves the worth of the set ,What would you think ?
"Ramsey's British Model Trains" suggests that most sets are valued according to their contents.

Ramsey's rough price guide is for mint and mint boxed items. Remember that something is only worh what someone will pay for it!

R.258NS Princess Elizabeth LMS 6201 with Smoke and "Noise". 1971-1974 £25-£35

R.747 LMS 2643 Composite Coach. 1971 1973 £8-£10

R.748 LMS 2640 Brake Coach. 1971 1973 £8-£10

Track and box not listed.

If Box, and contents are in good order, You could be looking at £40-50, but that is only a guesstimate!
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1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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