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These Parkside kits make up quite nicely. Make sure you add sufficient weight before gluing the roof on.

Mine were made before NEM couplings became (almost) standard, but on all the more recent kits I have built I have used Parkside's NEM adapters and Bachmann or Hornby small couplings - using the NEM types also allows a little side to side movement, ideal for these long wheelbase vehicles. The Parkside adapters are intended to be used with the cranked couplings like Bachmann and Heljan insist on using, but I prefer to pack the adapters down a little using plasticard spacers between the adapter and the wagon floor, spaced to give the "correct" height for the couplings, and use straight couplings.

For these CCT/PMV vans, I used plastic microstrip of two different widths, painted a light grey, to create the bars/slats behind the windows. Again, this has to be done before gluing the roof in place.

I hope I'm not preaching to the converted, Sarah, but if I am, these tips might help someone else reading this topic.

I'll look forward to seeing the finished model.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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