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Many thanks Sarah for this detailed information.

I received this locomotive about a month ago but have not used it at all since but I had not realized until it arrived that it needed a 6 pin decoder.

I have ordered the Hornby decoder which my daughter will be picking it up when she is in UK next week.

The main disappointing issue about my model, which is the late crest version, was that the front buffers were not attached. As it is well packed it seems unlikely that these will have come off in transit. Unfortunately they are stuck on and
not plugged in but I hope super glue will fix them in place. The top of the chimney on my model is just black and not brass colour as shown on the packaging. Does anyone know which it should be?
The information you have provided is very useful, thank you. I will also be fitting kadee couplings.
1 - 1 of 280 Posts
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