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Ruffnut's Projects.

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Hi all, and welcome to my "Projects" place.

Here I will be putting some things for Ffrwd Locks, our "scale" model railway, also some other things that are in progress on the model railway front.

Photos will follow.....

Ffrwd Locks

I am at present re-modelling the main goods siding at Ffrwd.

I had become aware of a serious limitation of having the Cattle Dock at the end of the siding with the Coal Merchant's facilities between the dock and the "main line".

The end of the siding would be out of use if there was a wagon being unloaded at the Coal Merchants.

The original idea of installing a new point on the loop to serve a slewed connection to the Cattle Dock seemed a good idea, and I did cut the siding and loop tracks to install the point.

In the end it became only too clear that this wouldn't work.

I did install a PECO trap point at the Wrexham end of the loop though. The rest of the loop track was re-laid using some left over track and some pre-wired fishplates to provide some extra feeds.

The siding has been re-arranged to have the Coal Merchant at the far end of the siding, and a small Cattle Dock where the Coal Merchant was.

This has involved the demolition of the End Loading and Cattle Dock, and the Coal Merchants coal bins and office.

The siding has been legthened slightly with the removal of the End Loading Ramp, using some more left over track and some pre-wired fishplates to reinstate the feed.

A new Coal Order Office has been made from an old Airfix Coal Office. This has new windows, door, roof, and chimney. Mainly spare parts from the Wills Goods Yard Store Kit, with Wills Slate sheet for the roof. Signs have been made on the computer.

The Coal Bins have been re-built from the original parts. A new "bagging platform" has been constructed from the staging from the Wills Goods Yard Store Kit, with Wills Planking sheet from the Level Crossing kit for the platform, Evergreen Styrene strips for the roof supports and other planking walls, and Wills corrugated sheeting sheet for the roof. Bagged Coal is Merit/ PECO Modelscene Coal Bags. Spilled coal is shot blasting compound. Scales are scatch built, and various figures are in use (Langley and Merit/ PECO Modelscene /Slater's.)

Other Projects..

I have an older Hornby Railways R.410 Turntable. I have managed to source all the missing parts to make it work, and plan to make it a bit more workman like.

I have a Dapol (Ex Airfix) Turntable kit, which I plan to use.

The Dapol Turntable sides are too long as they are, and will need modifying to fit.

I have also got some PECO Plate Girder Bridge Sides, and will look at how these could be used.

All the parts are together, work will commence at some later time.
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Just caught up with this thread Sarah thru yr footer link (bit slow ;-) anyway very interesting work on the TT as am also planning to use the Airfix model as well this

I also noted as you say, that its an over-girder type so no cutting of large holes in the baseboard required - just need to figure out a motorisation unit - missed out on a gearbox and motor on ebay a few months ago :-( I need to have a look back at those MR articles...

I also really like your scratchbuilt Coal Bagging platform and thanks for the signs - though there is a tiny typo ie Receipt is i before e except after C ;-)

Thanks also to campaman for the prototype picture - really neat
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No worries Sarah - not much construction done on the layout but had a planning re-visit in March and extended the layout with 2x new sheets of mdf so I can re-lay the end curves (too close to each other) and fit in the Grey Stone Metcalfe Terminus Station that I just couldn't resolve elsewhere.

I like your house bash and good to see the pics from the Airfix books - I have those plus the three catalogues from the period that had the railway dioramas in.
Neat. I like the garage doors for some reason. And were the rear drains moulded into the plastic or added by you. Cheers
Thanks for posting all these pictures. Very interesting as I have quite a few Cambrian, PD and CooperCraft kits to build.
Enhancing the interiors does make a worthwhile difference, especially now with the ability to illuminate the coaches. I have those Peco card kits somewhere- I found them very nice especially the pictures for above the luggage racks
Nice work - good that you got the original old Airfix kits (rather than Dapol) as the mouldings shoul be a lot sharper. I built many of these kits and find it very therapeutic in that you actually create something. What photo site have you used as I have totally given up on photobucket...
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