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Ruffnut's Projects.

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Hi all, and welcome to my "Projects" place.

Here I will be putting some things for Ffrwd Locks, our "scale" model railway, also some other things that are in progress on the model railway front.

Photos will follow.....

Ffrwd Locks

I am at present re-modelling the main goods siding at Ffrwd.

I had become aware of a serious limitation of having the Cattle Dock at the end of the siding with the Coal Merchant's facilities between the dock and the "main line".

The end of the siding would be out of use if there was a wagon being unloaded at the Coal Merchants.

The original idea of installing a new point on the loop to serve a slewed connection to the Cattle Dock seemed a good idea, and I did cut the siding and loop tracks to install the point.

In the end it became only too clear that this wouldn't work.

I did install a PECO trap point at the Wrexham end of the loop though. The rest of the loop track was re-laid using some left over track and some pre-wired fishplates to provide some extra feeds.

The siding has been re-arranged to have the Coal Merchant at the far end of the siding, and a small Cattle Dock where the Coal Merchant was.

This has involved the demolition of the End Loading and Cattle Dock, and the Coal Merchants coal bins and office.

The siding has been legthened slightly with the removal of the End Loading Ramp, using some more left over track and some pre-wired fishplates to reinstate the feed.

A new Coal Order Office has been made from an old Airfix Coal Office. This has new windows, door, roof, and chimney. Mainly spare parts from the Wills Goods Yard Store Kit, with Wills Slate sheet for the roof. Signs have been made on the computer.

The Coal Bins have been re-built from the original parts. A new "bagging platform" has been constructed from the staging from the Wills Goods Yard Store Kit, with Wills Planking sheet from the Level Crossing kit for the platform, Evergreen Styrene strips for the roof supports and other planking walls, and Wills corrugated sheeting sheet for the roof. Bagged Coal is Merit/ PECO Modelscene Coal Bags. Spilled coal is shot blasting compound. Scales are scatch built, and various figures are in use (Langley and Merit/ PECO Modelscene /Slater's.)

Other Projects..

I have an older Hornby Railways R.410 Turntable. I have managed to source all the missing parts to make it work, and plan to make it a bit more workman like.

I have a Dapol (Ex Airfix) Turntable kit, which I plan to use.

The Dapol Turntable sides are too long as they are, and will need modifying to fit.

I have also got some PECO Plate Girder Bridge Sides, and will look at how these could be used.

All the parts are together, work will commence at some later time.
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QUOTE (Long funnel & tiresome @ 27 Jul 2013, 13:57) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>Love the house - it really does look very Wrexham.
And that Bentley passing by - wasn't that a very famous photographer of the old Somerset and Dorset?



And, well spotted. Ivo called in for a cup of tea with the Loco Driver and his family.....
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Hi Reddo...

The drains are plastic rod, added by me.


The garage doors are based on some I saw in Bedford...
QUOTE (David Todd @ 29 Jul 2013, 21:28) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>...........No one has been selling them, door to door, lately...........

Only too true....I do need to buy some new pegs!
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QUOTE (David Todd @ 29 Jul 2013, 20:38) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>Evening Sarah,
Thanks for updates,in' pics...........

Have not seen a pic., with the garage doors in the closed, pose, or have you glued them in the open pose,,,...s'pose

You suppose correctly. I did think about having the doors work, but decided against it....

QUOTE (TheBufoon @ 29 Jul 2013, 20:41) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>Looks great Sarah, I'd better start my build, soon.......

Cheers, Chris.

Thanks could always do a Christmas scene?

QUOTE (Norman Byrne @ 29 Jul 2013, 20:50) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>Hi Sarah,

I did post a reply in the Group Build Thread for your latest handywork; but great to see you back doing some 4mm, as against 1:1 work.

Excellent as always - No pegs on the washing LOL !!!!

Look forward to plenty more soon hopefully, Cheers,

Hi Norm.

There are a few things to do. (I have been visiting Modelzone and picking up some stuff while I still can!

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Well, I messed that last quote up (as usual), but didn't see it until it was tooooo late!

My reply to Norm should have read...

Hi Norm.

There are a few things to do. (I have been visiting Modelzone and picking up some stuff while I still can!

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QUOTE (Long funnel & tiresome @ 2 Aug 2013, 20:48) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>
I did enjoy it as it was.
You finding yourself trapped inside the Quote bubble reminded me of - ah yes: "The Graduate" - where Dustin Hoffman is in the Diving Helmet trying to communicate with the outside world.


Hi LF&T...

Kind of "Can you hear me mother?", or "Is this thing on....testing testing!
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Well, I have, for a change, been doing some work on the wagon fleet for Ffrwd Locks.

The Iron Ore Hoppers
There is a batch of 6 British Iron and Steel Corporation (B.I.S.C.) hoppers. 3 are the original Mainline models, but fitted with the later Bachmann Chassis with the brakes in line with the wheels, the other 3 are the Bachmann issued version.

All have been weathered, and tiebars added between the axle boxes. The numbers have also been changed, except for two, one Mainline and one Bachmann, as these had different numbers...

Also "done" is a batch of 4 B.R. Grey Iron Ore Hoppers (The same type as the B.I.S.C. Hoppers). These are all recent Bachmann models, including the 3-pack from Modelzone. The fourth was a later type, but the lettering has been changed to an earlier style.

These have also been weathered, and tiebars added between the axle boxes. (More weathering in the case of the Modelzone wagons...)

Finally, there is a batch of 3 Ministry of Transport (M.O.T.) Iron Ore Hoppers. These are the Long Wheel Base "21 Ton" L.N.E.R. type. All three are the original Mainline models, with the numbers changed on 2 (bodged) and weathering.

Weathering consited of Humbrol and Revell paints (Tan, Leather, and Matt black paints) and Humbrol weathering powders. (Iron Oxide, Smoke, and Dark Earth). Also used on one wagon was some ground up red oxide coloured artist's pastel.

Oh...and all the wheelsets are now the later all metal (insulated) types, spoked for the B.I.S.C., and disk fort he M.O.T. wagons. (The B.R. Wagons already had metal disk wheelsets...

More photos will appear once I have taken some!
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QUOTE (John Webb @ 9 Aug 2013, 20:43) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>I like the use of the natural background. Photographing models out of doors like this does help to get the best light on them, I think, which helps to do justice to your modelling skills!


Hi John.

Thanks. The tracks are on a small board (a shelf) and were especially made for photographing models. It helps that there is a large field local to me.

QUOTE (Long funnel & tiresome @ 9 Aug 2013, 21:25) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>Sorry, its me again Sarah.
I forgot to ask whether there would actually have been GW panniers and LNER J72s working together around Wrexham in the North Wales coalfield.


Hi LF&T. cannot beat natural lighting....

In a word, yes...

The LNER had the ex GCR/ Wrexam Mold and Connah's Quay Railway. Wrexham Central, Exchange, and up to Hawarden (and around to Chester Northgate etc.)

This had a branch to Ffrwd Ironworks, and some collieries in the Moss Valley, north of Wrexham.

The GWR also served Wrexham, and had a network of branches including one up the Moss Vallet to Ffrwd Ironworks.

Also see the Ffrwd Locks threads in my Signature below...

QUOTE (David Todd @ 10 Aug 2013, 08:20) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>

.................... Nice the Platform shoes............

Thanks DT...Platforms and Flares are so "in" this summer! B)

QUOTE (Chinahand @ 10 Aug 2013, 09:23) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>That's some very effective weathering Sarah and the outdoor photography shows it off perfectly. is comments like these that make it all the more worth while...

A few more pics...

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QUOTE (billybidley @ 10 Aug 2013, 13:55) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>Nice pics Sarah

Regards Joe,

Thanks Joe. Your comments are appreciated.

QUOTE (Long funnel & tiresome @ 10 Aug 2013, 23:01) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>The few more pics:
are really beautiful

and thanks too for your response to my query about the J72.
I used to enjoy riding in Gresley carriages into Wales (while looking at tasteful water colour carriage prints of East Anglian seascapes) from Seacombe over Queensferry bridge to Wrexham Central, but never a serious "spotter", I can only recall ex GCR tanks.
I don't think I learnt until years later of the extraordinary build history of the little Wilson Worsdell NER locos from 1898 right down into the 1950s BR era !


Hi LF&T.

I Think the G.C.R. Tanks used on the Seacombe Service were 4-4-2s. Was it OO Works that have recently made a model of one? (Too expensive for me though...) (I cannot remember the class, but they look good. (Bad memory for some details, but I do know a nice looking loco!

I think that the J72s were mainly used for shunting and goods trains. Apparently a few also had cut down cabs, etc. to work through the low bridge under the North Wales Coast Line (L&NWR/LMS) to the docks at Connah's Quay. They replaced older locos (WM&CQR and GCR Types.)

IT seems that the J72s were pretty unique in being constructed by three companies in succesion. The North Eastern Railway, The L.& N.E.R., and British Railways (1950s).
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Hi Norm...

In fact it was a bit breezy when I was taking those piccys....If I hadn't had a loco attached, the wagons would have blown off the end of the tracks!

I need to make some brackets to hold the plank shelf more securely. Then I could put it in some different locations on the fence...

I have been working on a few more wagons and vans, including replacing some chassis (Mainline) with better ones with the brakes nearer the wheels (Airfix/ Dapol/ Bachmann) and some transfers, varnish, weathering etc.

The House will also have some more work soon!
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If the photos are replaced by the "Look Who's Popular" sign, the bandwith limit for the current month has been exceeded. The photos will be visible again next month!

Direct linking bypasses the Bandwith Barrier....

Some recently worked on wagons for Ffrwd Locks...

Click the links to go to the photos....

Ex. SR Unfitted Van 1

Ex. SR Unfitted Van 2

GWR P.Way Dept Wagon 1

GWR P.Way Dept Wagon 2

Ex. Gloucester P.O. Wagon 1

Ex. Gloucester P.O. Wagon 2
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QUOTE (Alan D @ 23 Aug 2013, 14:20) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>Hey Sarah, can't see any photo's at the mo'.

Hi Alan.

You have to click on a link, like this...

Link to SR van...

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QUOTE (sarah @ 24 Aug 2013, 18:19) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>Now now...I have no idea of what you could mean there!

Actually...I had some N Gauge stock in my hands in a model shop on Thursday....but they weren't for me.

Someone had a project to make a "hat" with a railway around the brim.

Sort of like a Terry Pratchett style hat, with the crown disguised as a mountain, with trees. (Very Discworld in fact...)

I was just helping out!
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Hi all, and thanks for the comments.

Photobucket has a monthly "Bandwith Limit" on the "Free" account.

QUOTE Your account has reached the free 10GB bandwidth limit.

Get unlimited* with Photobucket Plus.

So, once everyone has looked at the photos and in effect downloaded 10GB, then you get the "Popular" patch.

Of course, if you pay get more storage (not needed at the mo.) and unlimited downloads, or "Bandwith".

I think it was the outdoors photos that have increased traffic this month, I just about got away with it last month.

I will have to do a bit of sorting out into "albums" and more direct linking as this doesn't use the "Bandwith" like the "IMG" Image tags do....

QUOTE (Long funnel & tiresome @ 25 Aug 2013, 00:05) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>Oops Sarah!
In post #158 it seems like you have gone and locked yourself away inside a "Quotes" bubble yet again.
Is it maybe addictive?


Hi LF&T...

No, this time I was quoting myself from the FFrwd Locks thread!

QUOTE (StuB @ 25 Aug 2013, 09:05) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>Hi Sarah

Very nice series of photos. The outdoor ones are particularly effective.

I hope you don't mind but when I looked at the ones of the Ex SR Unfitted van here

I thought something didn't look quite right. I think it is the grooves between the planks on the sides. They would normally create a shadow and so would be darker that the sides which you have in some places but some are light. It is the sort of thing that often looks ok when you look at the actual wagon but then shows up in a photo. I hesitate to recommend applying a dark wash now as it might damage some of the detail you have added but perhaps you could consider it for future wagons.


Hi Stu. Yes, a good point. I will consider washes. (In some cases, the final matt varnish coat tends to pick up some colour and turn into a sort of wash..

As LF&T has spotted, these workbench photos are flash(y), and tend to wash out things a bit. I will try and get some van train piccys on the plank outside at some point.

QUOTE (Long funnel & tiresome @ 25 Aug 2013, 12:04) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>A very interesting point and tip - in this case it was of course exacerbated by it being a flash photo.
...all of which further endorses the value of

QUOTE Very nice series of photos. The outdoor ones are particularly effective.

(my emphasis)

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Well, apart from road names, the house is just about finished!

The TV ariel is made from plastic rod, as is the mounting bracket.

The coal bunker is a bit of a "cheat" for me
. (This is the first ever "Ready to Plant" Resin structure I have bought. A pack of 4 from Bachmann Scenecraft. Bought from Modelzone...)

The Dust Bin is one of the Merit / PECO Modelscene ones. The lid is a separate part on these.

The side gates are made from parts of the Ratio GWR Wooden Station fencing and gates. (In stock for ages, and re-used.)

Some House Photos taken outside.

General view...

From higher up...

Shewing the Dust Bin and Coal Bunker....

The TV Repair Van is on a call....

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Yes, the Wrexham area has (had) a lot going for it!

A Happy Christmas to you all.

Some recent work for Ffrwd Locks...

(And a few SR interlopers as well.....)

The Bachmann 3f "Jinty" 0-6-0T now just about BRITISH RAILWAYS livery...

A couple of vans...

A couple of Ex GWR Toads...

And a fitted example...(Ex Airfix GMR grey one..)

Bachmann SR Queen Mary...

Hornby Terrier and Bachmann "Pill Box" Brake Van


Little and littler...

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Happy Christmas, and thanks for the comments...

No prizes for guessing the origin of this BR Mk1 SK....

Re-painted, metal wheels fitted, and a few passengers added...

The interior...

To go with the "Partwork" coach from Hatchette I needed a Brake coach.

This Bachmann BCK was second hand, and needed a buffer and a little TLC...but got a bit more, including a re-worked "cage" in the brake part.

Inspiration for the interior of these two coaches comes from the PECO interior kits made for the old Kitmaster Mk1 kits...

The guard is a Tri-ang Railways Driver!

The "cage" that was removed. Solid!

The two coaches together...

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Thanks for the nice comments...

I am working away at a few things, mainly sorting out stuff at the moment!
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