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QUOTE (Gary @ 18 Dec 2006, 10:42) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>One reason why the internet community as a whole is currently getting more feedback on Hornby digital everywhere than on any other digital system right now is that it seems to be selling very well with plenty of users.
More to the point, the main reason why so many people are talking about it now is that the information available up until recently has been (at best) incomplete and open to interpretation. With many people now able to try it out for themselves, some of this confusion is starting to wane and facts starting to emerge.

QUOTE There are a very small number here who say claim the Hornby system is "junk" compared to their own current set up and who have not actually used the system. Those who are actual first time users probably view things entirely differently as it is a neat little starter system for first timers. This is the perspective of the different viewpoints. However and whatever it is no excuse for potentially libellous statements to be made by anybody.
It is only natural that anyone who has used a DCC system before will have certain expectations of what any new contender should be capable of - and the ease of actually doing it.
I saw at Warley the difficulty that was being experienced using the Select to control a loco fitted with a sound decoder due to the cumbersome way function toggling has been implemented on that controller. First timers will not even think of this when buying their train set, but they ought to have that information available to them through those who realise the impact of such limitations, before they part with their hard earned cash.
Clearly the comment of complete incompatibility is nonsense, but Hornby didn't help themselves by making the true nature of their chosen implementation known in advance. Most of the wording I have seen regarding compatibility seems to be written with a view to future NMRA compliance testing, i.e. they can't actually claim compliance yet because nothing has been formally tested against the requirements of the NMRA. This does not mean it won't work - it just hasn't been proven officially.
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