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Running a DCC Loco on DC

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I have just finished fitting a Hornby Decoder to my DCC ready Hornby Class 5.
[My first time at decoder fitting!]

As ive not yet got my DCC track system fully up and running, I decided to make sure the loco still ran OK using my DC track and controllers.
[I presumed this wouldn't cause a problem, as Hornby advertise their decoders as being able to function with DC...]

However, the Class 5 seemed to run noticeably more roughly and less smoothly on the DC track after the fitting of the decoder.

So my question is; is rougher running 'the norm' when using a chipped loco on DC track?
[Bearing in mind i have NOT yet programmed the Hornby Decoder via my Select controller, perhaps this may be a factor?]

Thanks for any advice you can offer.

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QUOTE (Gary @ 18 Dec 2006, 10:42) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>One reason why the internet community as a whole is currently getting more feedback on Hornby digital everywhere than on any other digital system right now is that it seems to be selling very well with plenty of users. There are clear signs that interest in digital is on the up among the average modeller.
With respect, I think you'll find that the vast majority of feedback about the Hornby digital is with regard to the problems being encountered in making it work with other manufacturers equipment with which it is supposed to be "designed to be compatible" whatever that means.

QUOTE There are a very small number here who say claim the Hornby system is "junk" compared to their own current set up and who have not actually used the system. Those who are actual first time users probably view things entirely differently as it is a neat little starter system for first timers. This is the perspective of the different viewpoints. However and whatever it is no excuse for potentially libellous statements to be made by anybody.
What's libelous about pointing out perceived shortcomings? I would say it is seriously lacking, rather than junk, at least to be taken seriously among existing DCC users. If Hornby are aiming *only* at the trainset market and have no aspirations whatsoever then fine. Other wise, if they have any sense, they will take as what it is intended - criticism of a product that simply fails to live up to expectations of DCC in 2006.

And yes, I do have experience of the Hornby decoder. By their own admission (at least the documentation that comes with it) it will never receive an NMRA conformance warrant.

Andrew Crosland
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QUOTE (Gary @ 18 Dec 2006, 10:42) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>There are a very small number here who say claim the Hornby system is "junk" compared to their own current set up and who have not actually used the system.
Happy modelling

Ok then Gary - name names who are these people then ?

A search of the forum reveals 12 posts with the word "junk" - the only post with both "junk" & "Horby system" in it are......................................................yours hmmmmmmmmmmmmm.
For what it's worth, my experience with two DCC fitted locomotives running on DC (H&M) Duette is as follows:-

Lenz Gold fitted to loco drive Hornby A4 - very smooth; slightly lower top speed; no ultra low speed running.

ESU LokPilot DCC 3. fitted to Hornby Fowler - motor is noisier; large momentum start up delay; slightest break in power and the decoder resets to 0 and starts up with the momentum again.

The decoders are still on their factory settings. Electrical pickup on the Fowler is poor.

I can let you know how a Zimo MX63R performs in a Bachmann 9F next week
A quick check in the Fowler suggests it will be as smooth as the Lenz is in the A4, but I don't know how it reacts to interruptions in power.

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Anyway, getting back to the original topic........
I have run all my DCC chipped locos on DC, mainly due to the fact my main 'N' layout is still operated by a quad gaugemaster controller. All the locos run exactly as they did before fitting with decoders. The only difference is a very small time delay in the decoder realising it is on DC, creating about a 1 sec delay in moving.
This goes for the Hornby decoders and the NCE one I have coaxed into life with the Select unit.
All suppression capacitors have been removed - maybe this is what is causing your problems.
Maybe 'N' scale motors are less affected by DCC decoder fitting when on DC?
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