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Running in locos before or after 'chipping'?

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I am about to start converting my fleet of locos to DCC. A number of these are new locos, as yet unused. I have read somewhere (but can't find the reference again!) that in such cases, it is advisable to run in the loco before fitting the chip. Is this the consensus amongst DCC users here? Would appreciate any guidance.
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I base chipping on the thickness of my wallet. When it's at it's thickest point I'll send a few off to get chipped otherwise I'll wait. I've found this technique lessons the occurrence of bounced checks.

ie what difference does it make? I have not found any and you can always adjust any programming like speed tables, etc.

BTW who are you sending them to?
I fit the chip as soon as I get it. I haven't ever had a problem with motors before.

If you have a rolling road or a small DC layout, there is no harm in it. It will also help you see the improvement that the DCC chip brings to the loco once chipped.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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