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Hi all,

I am wondering whether other Forum Members might care to share their opinions of the running qualities of Bachmann vs. Hornby 'OO' locomotives?

I'm probably biased as the result of my own experiences but for the last ten years or more, I have exclusively used Bachmann locos on three very different layouts, in different scales....

First - a USA 'logging' layout in On30 (Bachmann Porters, Shays, Climaxes, Mogul, etc).

Second - again USA based, the 'two-footers' of Maine (Bachmann Forneys, 2-4-0, 2-8-0, again in On30).

Currently - British 'OO' based on Eastern Region practice, for which I currently have a BR 3MT tank, BR 4MT tender loco, older J39 converted to DCC, K3, etc.

I can honestly say that I have never had any problems with any of them (apart from an easily rectified broken universal joint on an On30 Climax) - and all were/are excellent runners.

Conversely, I have recently bought 2 current Hornby locos for the ongoing British 'OO' layout (my first non-Bachmann types for over 10 years) ........and frankly, both run like absolute pigs, particularly the L1, which is for all practical intents and purposes completely unusable (and therefore currently in bits on a shelf).

I now have the forthcoming Hornby 'Sandringham' on order and frankly.....I am not particularly looking forward to it one bit as I fear it could be equally poor. But I need a B17.

Finally, I have recently heard that, sensational as the appearance undoubtedly is, the Hornby B1 doesn't run as well as the slightly less refined recent Bachmann upgrade of the same loco.

I just wondered whether I have just been unlucky with Hornby so far, or whether others can relate to this?

I would be very interested to hears other members views on Bachmann vs. Hornby - just from a running quality point of view (not from an aesthetic angle - where Hornby's latest models are obviously just as good, if not better).

Don Mason.
Having spent numerous decades running Hornby locomotives and rolling stock on Hornby track with no issues, I decided to "try" a Bachmann locomotive. I was curious, that's all; but, impressed too: so much so that the majority of my OO locomotive and rolling stock is now Bachmann (analogue, no DCC), although I still buy a Hornby every now and then. Incidentally, I also switched to Peco track but still have a preference for Hornby Scaledale buildings.

Anyhow, I find that Bachmann locomotives make for smoother running and are very reliable (although not 100% problem free). I should also add that my OO layouts tend to use R1 and R2 curves due to space constraints, although neither trouble any of my Bachmann stock to any great extent (other than certain locomotives slowing down slightly on R1 curves).

Being relatively small, my layouts tend to avoid gradients and multiple levels. Train length is also kept short (4/5 coaches max, 12 goods wagons + brake van) and locomotive power is generally 0-6-0 (ranging from 0-4-0 to 4-6-0 + tender) and twin unit DMUs. Hence, I can't comment on more powerful locomotives.

Finally, although I definitely prefer Bachmann, Dapol run well too; unlike Heljan which I'd rather not talk about, as I get f* upset, very f* upset.

Verdict: Bachmann run best.
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