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I have had Hornby and Bachmann for years like most people. The problems of running are generally evenly spread across both ranges. I had a shocking Bachmann B1 that needed paint removing from the tread of the driving wheels, and my Hornby B1 ran faultlessly out of the box. The older Bachmann split chassis could be horrendous as could some of the Hornby Tender drive locos, I have a 5 pole Flying Scotsman that I have just given up on. Equally a good tender drive will last a lifetime.

Most of my modern locos are diesels and they seem to run forever even if the wheels are in desperate need of cleaning, that goes for both manufacturers from their class 08s to heavy haul diesels.

Of the modern design steam locos I have most are Hornby (11 and 2Bachmann) and of those only 1 is causing any issue.

It has been my experience that they can both produce a wrong'un and with their modern designs they are both capable of producing silky smooth performers.

Hope this helps although I have rather sat on the fence.
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