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Ruston,s diorama bench

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Hi I'm in the middle of modelling a micro diorama based around era5.
The diorama is being built on a 150mm x 100mm plinth. The diorama will consist of a single siding which will have a Ketton Cement wagon in this siding.
On both sides of the track I have built up some some areas which will eventually be grassy mounds using a mixture of static grasses and foliage. One of the mounds I have added a small pool to make the scenic area more interesting.
The track has been weathered and the appropriate ballast and cement dust has been laid in place. A small lamp.has also been fitted as it looks interesting.
I have added a picture of my progress..
Beehive Rectangle Wood Natural material Pattern
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Just need to start work on the rest of it now and turn it into a railway proper good skills on display here!
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Lol! "micro diorama" I hadn't expected how micro.. thanks.
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Hi and thank you for your comments to my diorama build.
Progress has been slow due to work commitments but I should be able to start more work on the diorama this weekend.
Work has restarted on my micro siding diorama. Will be updating my progress in due course.
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