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QUOTE (DPK @ 12 Jul 2007, 12:39) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>Hi all out there, hope you can help me with a little problem that I have.
I have a Marklin steel track and where i live it is very humid with salty air, so it rusts when not in use (a couple months of the year and the rest of the time it lays dormant as i don't have enough time to use.)
Just wondering if anyone had any ideas on how to clean it up for longer periods or to get rid of the problem altogether. Replacing track is not a possibilty as the layout is rather large. (30ftx20ft)
Hello DPK,

Perhaps you could use a portable dehumidifier machine to reduce the humidity and so salt by the layout, but a bit of rust is exactly prototypical...I was delighted to find some on my layout when it was left in the garage for about 2 years - it saved me having to weather all the track! As long as it is only on the side surfaces and the whole rail isn't crumbling then it's probably benign.

You could also spray/paint everthing with cheap matt varnish after all the rust is cleared off (and then rub the varnish off the railtops for first use out of storage) which might insulate the salt in the air from the iron. Also a non-porous sheet e.g. plastic placed over the whole layout/trackwork would restrict air contact with the track and reduce the rate of rust formation.

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