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Ive read that the somerset and dorset crowd are trying to persuade a major manufacturer to produce a RTR 7F 2-8-0, and cant help wondering how many epople would want one, i know i would!
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The new owners of Alan Gibson Models are currently taking pre-orders for their truly excellent S&DJR 7F kit and require a minimum of 10 orders before they will consider re-opening the production line.

When I asked the new owner of Alan Gibson Models why he did not bother to 'publicise' this clever fact, so that potential buyers might place orders (thereby ensuring production of the kit), he did not provide an answer. One wonders why the new owners of the company bothered to buy the kits from the old Alan Gibson Models range if they did not intend to make any effort to market them?

So, if you want the only good S&DJR 7F kit back in production, contact Alan Gibson Models as soon as possible. You might get a sensible response, on the other hand..............
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As I have put in another thread I will be happy to buy an 00 7F if one is released .As my prediction based on a Hornby Calender cover has utterly failed to come true ,it looks like I will have to wait a while longer unless Bachmann come up with the goods next year .I must point out that I dont actually "need' one .I just like them and frankly thats enough for me .If I like a subject enough I may well buy it and I suspect there are squillions of other punters doing the same .The fact a few select and often self apponted "experts" dont see a need for a model on their ultra subjective, and in their minds perfect layout , is not a good reason not to produce something .Many more of us will buy one cos we love it .
On the Subject of Alan Gibson kits .I suspect the people who took over have their hands more than full producing ,packing and selling thousands of tiny separate parts and 10 odd 7F kits isnt high on their priorities .in fact I would think twice before making it as someone has already noted on this site that a major company has measured one up .Many of our small component producers that many of us rely on are not internet savvy or even sales savvy,bless em .If they were they were probably avoid model railways like the plague and invest their money in a more sensible and profitable product .When Gibson parts were unobtainable there was much wailing and gnashing of teeth .Lets rejoice they are still around and expanding .
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View attachment 1012 I produced a reasonable S&D 7f years ago using a Hornby Compound body and tender and a Hornby 8F chassis. It was tender drive which I now eschew!

I don't currently have a picture but will post a drawing shortly
Yes please , put me down for one - ready to run that is -
I see Hornby are producing a Jinty in SDJR blue next year , always thought that goods and small locos like that were in black ,and blue was reserved for passenger locos ,
- could do with a new 2P and 4F as well whilst your at it
We certainly could do with an upgraded 2P and 4F (loco drive) and of course there is the Compound!
The original Hornby model was inaccurate as it shared the same wheelbase as other Hornby 4-4-0s.
Well with the friendly rivalry between Bachmann and Hornby these days we can but hope!
QUOTE The original Hornby model was inaccurate as it shared the same wheelbase as other Hornby 4-4-0s.

Apart from the tender drive, what is your opinion of the Mainline/Hornby 2P?
I have both an Airfix 4F and a Mainline 2p and the fact is that they have actually performed quite well for years - better than the Hornby Tender drives most of which I have got rid of.

Are the 2P and 4F accurate enough to justify purchase? I have always thought them as flawed but I know little about LMS locos, your advice would be appreciated.

Thank you

They were good models for their time and still stand up well against some of the other 70s offerings. A bit of extra detailing helps. My 4F and 2P are still rattling to and fro on the occasional suburban train 20+ years after acquisition. Strange to say the Airfix tender drive seems to work better than Hornby mainly due to the pickups which are all on the Loco.
I have a 2 year old Hornby 2P. Runs OK but keeps shredding traction tyres
I've already backed the project, and if there was an rtr 7F,
I would hope there would be a model of no. 88 in it's current SDJR Blue-the best looking 2-8-0 of all time!
Well done to the trust for it's restoration!

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I put sound in both of mine, I used the S&D kit body (cast) and milled the body with one of my Dremels to take the 8F chassis. I sold both on Ebay about three years ago and they went for stunning prices.
I might be tempted by a R-T-R 7F by I would also want a few 4F and a couple of 2P's (not the existing R-T-R rubbish either)
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Where has it placed in the annual 'wanted' surveys? That will give some idea of the more general interest in this type, outside the committed enthusiast group.

The four OO RTR eight coupled goods types currently available are by reputation slow but steady sellers, and we are about to get a fifth in the form of the O4. All of these types were built in their hundreds and saw wide ranging service, so should appeal to a decent proportion of the market. A niche eight coupled goods type strikes me as rather risky - the reason these are slow sellers is that very few people buy more than one example of a goods machine - unlike glamourous named express types which get the multiple sales, usually attributed to the 'eye candy' factor. If it was a 'looker' like the BR 9F, which is the freight loco that does sell, then it might be in with a chance; but frankly, it simply ain't...
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QUOTE (34C @ 26 Oct 2009, 01:09) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>Where has it placed in the annual 'wanted' surveys? That will give some idea of the more general interest in this type, outside the committed enthusiast group.

I do not think that annual surveys give really good ideas. I never voted for the 7F in a suvey as I do not need this loco. However I would buy one in SDJR blue and a black one,too. Just because I like the look of the loco.
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