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Can't help you with that particular product but I offer this link to a post by Gordon Hopkins in a recent topic on S88 bus. I have noticed that you contributed in the topic, so my apologies if you have already considered this possibility and decided it is not for you.


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I have a friend who is building his own DCC modules at home. He already has modules for S88, coach lighting kits, accessory decoders for points, sginal decoders and loop modules.

His site is in Hungarian, but if you click around you might have an idea what he has:
decoder for point motors:
general purpose accessory decoder:
occupancy module:
loop module:

Prices are here:
Note that HUF has plummeted recently so the exchange rate now is £1 = 332HUF.

The S88 page is under construction but if you look at the images of the following page (also in Hungarian) you will see that it works nicely with ECoS and RR&Co:

If anyone interested I can help with translation of manual and getting in touch with the guy.

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Dear people,

As one of the designers of the PCB Vulcanbomber is talking about, I would like to give some input on the usage of the PCB's BMD16N-SD and BMD16N.
We now have about 2000 items sold, mainly in the Netherlands but with customers all over Europe. We, Huib Maaskant and I (Eddy de Boer), do it from a hobby perspective so non-commercial.

Feedback on the PCBs is very positive. The instruction manual is crisp and clear and we hardly get questions to solve problems. When problems arise, we have a helpdesk installed (that's me) helping everybody out.

The specs of the boards are:
- The PCBs are S88-N and S88 compliant
- S88-N with 12V and 5V power supply
- Interworking completely S88(-N) compliant and is used by many people on all different controlling units (Intellibox, twincenter, piko, via converters on Lenz, Marklin systems, etc)
- Easy to fit out using of the shelf components

Questions: please mail or visit my site:

Eddy de Boer
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