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QUOTE (pedromorgan @ 22 Feb 2008, 14:47) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>Hornby use the Sanda Kan factory. they share the factory time with many different manufacturers. among them i believe are (or at least were!) Atlas and Life-like. <Snip> I suppose what i am trying to say is dont blame the little chinese woman sitting at the production line. she is only doing her job. if hornby have used a crap motor in this loco, its not her fault or anyone at the factory's fault.

Yep - Sanda Kan make for some top value and quality brands, including many in USA some of the EU favourites too... in general they produce really nice product.

Quality is a function of the product specification, and QC is part of that too... If rigorous inspection is specified and paid for properly, then top quality results with high standards both at the individual component and assembly levels.... with 100% pre-packing check of everything... all for a few cents/pence extra.

If the factory is pressured to do it for nothing, then the brand gets what it has paid for - product "as it happens" off the line...mostly good, some not so good.

You certainly cannot knock china Mfg when its at its best - I just added DCC to a new Tenshodo bullet train.... a totally superb model of the current Japanese prototype engineered perfectly. Surprise Surprise... Look closely and you'll find "made in China for Tenshodo by Bachmann" on the box.


PS: I guess this means I just have to wait a while and I'll be able to save a lot and buy a couple to lower the cost of my start in EU modelling.... sorry for those who got a pup but I have no worries about stripping and tuning a loco so its an ill wind for some, but not for me :)

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