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In the press reports, Hornby is concerned at present, with slow sales of their products.
Manufacturers should think, of their attitude and lack of interests to customers requests for service and spares, at the moment is non existant.

Bachmann and Fleischmann come to mind, at their after sales attitude. Bachmann shows no interest in general to customer's plea for spares and charge £8.50 before examining a model out of guarantee. I required to send a DMU back to Bachmann for examination - after weeks of waiting, the DMU was returned with the existing fault still apparent - no explanation given.

Fleischman will examine a faulty model under guarantee - taking weeks to return a model and in between correspondence just ignored.

Hornby and Heljan, certainly treat their customers with respect by answering all correspondence sent to them. Hornby on many occasions have posted me small spare parts FOC.

I know that in future, my railway model buying will be with Hornby and Heljan, knowing that my after sales requirements will not be ignored.
1 - 1 of 5 Posts
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