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In a couple of words, Dennis, it's language and country.
Vermont may be 3,000 miles away but it's still your own country - you could drive there if you wanted to. Canada is so closely related to USA that it makes little difference that there is a border between them. The language is of course the same and this helps enormously.

But for all the European Union's long standing, there are still language difficulties between countries and some mistrust that comes along with that, on top of ancient historical mistrust that goes back for many centuries. I think this will gradually change, given enough time, but UK's 'offshore' island' status makes its inhabitants extremely resistant to 'outsiders', as they are seen.

Hornby in particular do seem to have customer care at the core of their business ethos and that is exemplary. Long may that continue.
1 - 1 of 5 Posts
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