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Sandown Model Rail show

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The Sandown model Rail show went quite well today with quite a few visitors, especially in the morning. Here are some pictures of the show.

Here is the BRMA stand with Jeff (SRMan) and Tony Asquith of Model Bus fame. I'm taking the picture which is why I'm not in the picture. Good to meet some of the MRF members who came to the stand.

Precision Scale Models had a stand with some interesting forthcoming models such as a Vic Rail S class. These are brass models and unlikely to be cheap however they will be good.

Golden Plains from South Australia.

There was a decent LGB stand. Garden railway's are popular in Aus.

Midsommer Norton was there too.

Dirt Steelworks was a good layout I hadn't seen before from NSW.

Ausicion models had a stand with some of their new models. They als have a new loco and coach carrying box which looked quite good.


Kangaroo and Cockatoo railway.


Melb N Track

Some of the other layouts that I didn;t get the name of are shown below.

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You didn't waste any time posting those - you must have started posting as soon as I dropped you off!!!!

It was a good exhibition and I think we all enjoyed ourselves. I got no modelling whatsover done but talked a lot!
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