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QUOTE (Guest_SpongeBob_* @ 12 May 2007, 23:42) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>I would like to do some scale drawings on my home PC. Anyone know of a suitable program?
Also I have some Super Cal backing sheets and spray. These are for making home made decals. Anyone have any experience using this system? Again what is a suitable program to use?
Many thanks.
I find CorelDraw good for 2D designing - it's easy to use and has a shallow learning curve! I use version 8 but I think the latest is version 12 or something - like Final Fantasy games?! Ha ha ha

Regarding Super Cal, I think that some modern inkjet printers (like the Epsom 5670dpi one I have) that are used to print photographs from a digital camera can print the colour white and so you may be able to do white lettering onto transparent decal paper. White print seems to be a universal colour for numbering whether BR or ÖBB or whoever and I will find it useful when I'm renumbering in future (I haven't actually done any decals yet so someone with actual experience may be able help more)

1 - 1 of 2 Posts
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