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Scale Scenes

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Has anybody or is anybody used or using the Scale Scenes range of print and stick on card models?

What are your general feelings about them and do u think that they are easy to use?

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I purchased the North Light Engine shed & had a ball with it, it comes as a 4 piece jig-saw roof unit but by printing pages as required, I made mine longer. I also e-mailed the owner on some posible improvemnts to the package as such . It took a while to do, not one of those two night jobs but looks good.
I even obtained the platform kit to try so & also got some software from USA which as 20 different stone/bricks in any scale which is also superb so betwwn Metcalfe, Scalescenes & the USA company, I am as happy as pig in clover.

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Wiggy(Ian) your signal box is great & I like the levers. It does allow for updates above the windows as suggested & I have another one of Scalescenes to build myself

On Jan 18, DWB asked about the windows in the North Light Engine Shed I had built & I apologize for not replying at that time.
Yes, transparency film but make sure you get the correct one for your printer.
The first one I got from local newsagency was for laser printers @ 50c each & for bubble jet, they cost 4 times as much but at least the ink does not run off them. I found this out after I had printed two on the first film & wondered why my fingers, etc got black.
They do come up OK as you would have seen from the other pix by wiggy25.
No pix from me as I do not have a digital camera (so far I have not really had the need for one).

1 - 3 of 24 Posts
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