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Scale Scenes

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Has anybody or is anybody used or using the Scale Scenes range of print and stick on card models?

What are your general feelings about them and do u think that they are easy to use?

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I have. There are two entries in my blog - "Taking cover" and "Another brick in the wall". I think this link will take you straight there.

I will certainly be buying the "platform" kit when I get to that stage. I prefer the look of the brick work to Metcalfe. The waiting shelter in "Taking cover" is sitting on a Metcalfe platform.

When I get to the MPD stage, I will try one or maybe both of the engine sheds.

Your costs don't end with buying the prints. You have to supply some decent card, glue and so on. Once you've done that once, the risk of purchasing a print set you don't like is limit to a few pounds.

>i used spraymount adhesive
Me too. I have recently bought the "movable" version for those occasions when the first "hit" is likely to need a little adjusting.

>the North Light Engine shed & had a ball with it, it comes as a 4 piece jig-saw roof unit but by printing pages as required, I made mine longer.

I'd love to see a photo of that. How do the windows work out? I've been wondering how the glazing side of the kits is managed.

Thanks for posting those pictures Ian. I have found them very helpful.

Thanks for posting the photos; they are most informative.

1 - 5 of 24 Posts
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