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Scale Scenes

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Has anybody or is anybody used or using the Scale Scenes range of print and stick on card models?

What are your general feelings about them and do u think that they are easy to use?

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I scratchbuild my models and until now have produced my own brick papers as the commercially available varieties are too uniform for my tastes. I have recently tried the Scalescene red brick and weathered red brick paper downloads and find them excellent. I am a little less enthusiastic about the tiled roof paper, too regularly weathered so that I can't apply my own weathering around roof furniture. I e-mailed the proprietor, who explained that most of his customers preferred not to have to do their own weathering, and offered me a credit for that down-load, so nothing lost, and good customer care result. I've done the free shelter, suggest using genuine 'Prit-stick' to fix your sheets, and not to use too thick a paper, ordinary 90gm A4 is fine. (Tip, apply the P'stick generously to the paper, then wipe off excess with you finger and apply when still just tacky, rubbing/scraping well on to the card with a flat piece of wood and your finger, see below.)
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1 - 1 of 24 Posts
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