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*** I thnk it a personal perspective thing... an individual choice on how you prefer to run your layout.

for example on my large S&C layout it was originally designed to be able to run an entire days timetable in the early 1930's - however I had no intention of it taking a full day, as although the running lines were huge by model standards they were still many scale miles short of the line I was modelling which was between Settle and Blea Moor! In otherwords, I would have run at scale speed and worked to the timetable sequence but not the real world clock.

So...I would tend to take Jims approach but a more "operations minded" layout may ignore many issues and simply create a unique working timetable for the layout operators to use that compressed time - this is a common approach in US modelling where a team of operators will be allocated tasks and drive/switch/operate to a fast clock while trying to maintain prototype practice.

Fast clocks are commonly used for intensely works "operator oriented layouts" - as is a "compressed scale mile" when assuming distance between cities - I've often seen "compressed scale miles" referred to as "Smiles" in US articles.

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