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QUOTE (SRman @ 4 Jul 2008, 19:07) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>I'm not sure which steam lorries you have but most of the Lledo ones were overscale for OO. In fact, I suspect the Hornby (Oxford Diecast) Anglia is a little oversized as well - Anglias were quite a small car in reality. I have several of the much older Triang Minix Anglias and these seem to be more correctly scaled - thay look tiny next to the Oxford Diecast ones though.

As for the luggage trolley, I have no idea - perhaps someone else here has the necessary expertise to comment further.

***Not too hard to suss it out with a ruler:

The classic 105E Anglia with the underset rear window was a really small & cramped car (my mum had one for many years... it was actually much less comfortable space wise than my Mini when I borrowed it and was with the girlfriend

Wikipedia shows it as:
12'-9" long over bumpers - should be appx 51mm in OO scale - wheelbase was a tad over 30mm
4'-10" wide - should be a tad over 19mm high
4'-9" wide - should be close to 19mm wide

The Classic luggage trolley was about 6 feet long, with a platform about four feet wide and ends up to appx four feet high (plus at a guess 12" for underframe and wheels). Thats about 24mm long, 16mm wide and appx 18~9mm high. I'm sure this varied over time but would never have been much bigger.

there's a useful page of info on these at

re people... same thing applies - just get a ruler and measure them!

In 2006 the average height in UK (and most of USA & EU for that matter) for a man was 5'9-1/2" (OO scale = 23mm) and for a woman 5'4-1/2" (OOscale = 21.6mm). Each successive generation has been appx .75 of an inch average taller since the turn of last century so these sizes would be TALL people for a pre WW2 layout.....

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