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I wish I could, Cap'n.... I would have been behind the barriers again this year as my old pals from the East Hants AG are taking Lee on the Solent again.....

Sadly it doesn't look like I can make it though. My D1 tank (on loan for the life of the layout!) and various bits of wagonry and carriage stock will be trundling up and down the layout though....

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yep. i'm going.

I am definatly going on tha saturday and depending how good it is i may go on the sunday too.
I like that show. you get all the bits and pieces stalls together.

I am goint to be looking at the rolling bars from GW Models and maybe a Bob Moore lining pen. (its going to be an expensive weekend. but i havent spent any money on my hobby since Chatham.)

Sorry i didnt see this post earlier.

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