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scaleforum pics and review

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Well the september marathhon of woking and scaleforum on consecutive weekends is over. scaleforum has been and gone and what a wonderfull show it was.

Transport - perfectly acceptable, i didnt have to wait more than 15 minutes for a train although when i got on one it did stop at every station, halt and trestle table along the way. 8/10

Building - very good but perhaps it would have been nice to have a little more space. last year they had the use of a side hall for the challange layouts. although there was another small room it did seem like a bit of an extra that had been tacked on at the last minute. 7/10

Layouts - as expected at scalefroum they was only layouts of the highest calibre. each one was wonderfully presented and operated and there was not a single dud one at the whole exhibition. i never think there is enough action on finescale layouts (i want to see thunder not a scene from breif encounter) but that is to be expected at scaleforum so i cant really mark it down for that. 10/10

Shirts - the show suffered from the same problems as Woking with the long summer and a high turnout and inadequate ventilation conspiring to bring down the shirt count , i was only completly gassed twice. - 4/10

Backpacks - the high turnout ment people were packed in pretty well. i was backpacked 4 times over the course of the day. - 5/10

Trade support - being THE finescale show trade support amongst the bits and bobs traders was very good. there were some real bargisn to be had in unbuilt kits and pre built kits. I had a shopping list of paint and a lining pen (not very glamerous!) and both were easy to find on the Phoenix stand. none of the big manufacturers were there but that is to be expected at this show so no complaints on ths front 10/10

Overall - it is great to see so many wonderfull layouts in one place and this happens evry year like clockwork. there were many i hadnt seen before and there was plenty of progress on the ones i had. some good browsing on the trade stands and i got Mike Sharman to sign a box for me (he is a bit of a hero of mine
) and some great advice from Ian Rathbone on painting (not quite old enough to be a hero but a very nice chap) 9/10

Now for the pics (once again please excuse my very poor camera and photography)

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Great photos. Thanks for sharing.

The first and last pictures have elements of what I'm trying to achieve with the yard section on my layout.
I've done the Leatherhead scale four show several times, and it's without fail excellent.
thanks for the photo's - inspiring
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