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Well finescalers, its that time again. i am planning on going both days.

on my shooping list are :
a 247 developements coach kit (which ever one takes my fancy)
some paint from phoenix and QAD thinners.
a few odd castings and bits and bobs. i built some lms arc roof coaches from ratio and they went together a treat but the lamp tops were rubbish. i will get some more cast ones from 247 so i can do a rake for myself.
LMS 9ft rivited sideframes (very likely again from 247)
pipettes - from freestone
I want to see what the David Geen coach kits are like.
Possible a tilbury EMU from D.C. kits (i cant remember, its a 50something)
Tweezers from eileens emporium

Most importantly i want to get a look at some of the finest layouts in the country.

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if i can get my camera battery to last long enough to take some then yes.

Just bumping this thread. the show is THIS WEEKEND

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