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Hi All,

I've been experimenting, the wife really does hate it when I do that as it means lots of mess!

As I've built some of the smallbrook studios kits (7mmNG) I though I'd best make up some sort of layout.

I really wanted to use the Viaduct and piers at full height to give the wow factor. Having seen Richard Johnson's viaduct I thought about giving up, is that some piece of work!

The layout is just over 1.5m long and about 450mm wide.
It's really only a working diorama as it has only 1 point and a single length of track, but it fits the space I have and will be somewhere to run the NG locos.

Thats the background to what I was going to do.

It's no where near finished so this is a little area of the viaduct and rock face, more to follow when I get some time NOT working away from home!

Oh and that is only 1 arch there are another 8, not as impressive as RJ's but it looks me!

From the base to the road deck it's about 350mm
This is just the OO kit built and all I've done is covered it with the O-gauge brick texture sheets.
The biggest worry for me was trying to do the rock face, I don't think it's turned out too bad, looks better in the flesh than on photos.

· Ian Wigglesworth
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QUOTE (80class @ 23 Mar 2008, 21:33) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>Hi Ian,

Must say that looks very good. How did you find working with Scalescenes? I like the look of their downloadable kits but haven't tried one. If your picture is anything to go by they must work pretty well! Look forward to seeing more,



I think the Scalescenes stuff is excellent!
I must be keeping him in business with how many kits I've bought!
Not to everyone's taste I know, but I really enjoy building them as much as looking at the finished article......I must be going back to my childhood when I was building all the lego models!!

I've built these few HERE

I've also built a fair few in N-gauge as well.

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Thanks guys,

The whole Viaduct arches and piers are the Scalescenes kit.
It's all built from 1 and 2mm thick cardboard, I've then downloaded the O-gauge brick work texture sheet and covered it in that.

It's still only built to the OO scale kit, the only thing I have done is made the parapet walls slightly taller and used a extra thickness of 2mm card, just to make it look a little more chunky for O-gauge.

Will post more as I get things done.

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John (owner of Scalescenes) did send me some modified kit pages to help me build this in O-gauge, just to save time really.

Another thing there is a gallery on his website which has lots of models that have been built, if he started giving free kits away to everybody who builds and takes photos of them he wouldn't make any money, which in turn would mean no more kits...not good!!

I've finished the front parapet wall now, just the back to do and then the other end and all the detail bits.
The converted Bill loco can be seen, the photo is a bit fuzzy the light is not too good.

When the loco goes through the tunnel in the rock face there is enough room for the loco and a coach, so I've made a very simple slide table so that once the loco enters the tunnel, the table can slide towards the front or back and a different loco will come back out.
There is enough room for three tracks next too each other, hopefully should work quite well I think, another thing that I've read about and wanted to try

Looking at it, the structure is huge, it is the standard OO kit just covered with O-gauge brick paper it is double track width, but it's still big.

Away for the rest of the week so not much will be done on it now, unless I get finished early!!

Will keep you updated.
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