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The final effect is very much up to you. It will depend in part on what paper you use for printing and whether or not you seal it with a varnish as recommended by the instructions. Here's what one section of my retaining wall looks like:-

I have not applied any varnish to this even though I do have a can of matt varnish as sold in an artists' supplies shop. Since my layout never sees the light of day, I don't feel the colour is under threat. The wall is over exposed in this photo which does make it seem a bit flat but under normal viewing conditions it looks fine.

For my current project I am using plastic card but only because I want good "sharp" corners which I don't think I'd get with scale scenes paper. The disadvantage is that I am now going to get the variation in colour that comes in the scales scenes alternative.

I think a combination of both methods is the answer - plastic card for "landmark" structures and printed paper for background stuff. Unless you are photographing a retaining wall in its own right with a good depth of field you aren't going to be able to notice any depth in any case?

1 - 1 of 4 Posts
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