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*** DWBs comments make sense... There is also the point that much engineering brick as used in tunnels/bridges/cuttings was actually laid with flush pointing to prevent water hangind around at the mortar joints and causing problems with freezing/cracking and the like, so in fact almost all plastic brick is well and truly overscale when it comes to mortar lines.

Having said that I also prefer the slight exaggeration of the plastic, but will often sand the surface to about 1/2 the depth with fine wet and dry paper and this also restores a wee bit of the sharpness to the brick edges (which are quite round on vacuum formed brickwork). Whether its noticed by any other than me is a moot point :) :)

It really is not hard to get some nice colour variance on plastic - spray overall with a matt undercoat of gray or oxide and pick out some bricks ina slightly different colour, then use overall washes to tone the differences and emphasise pointing as wanted - its worth buying a couple of sheets to play with - try it, you will find that you really CAN do it - its surprisingly easy!


1 - 1 of 4 Posts
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