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Scans of my German Railway life

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This lockdown malarkey has caused so many problems for families trying to make ends meet but for someone like me, now 70, the only change is not being able to go down the pub and not having to leave my house to attend meetings (goodness how i have come to detest Zoom). I know how lucky I am especially when I read how many poor souls have lost their lives.

You know where I am going with this because you've read the title of this post. I am spending some of this enforced time at home scanning my slides and negatives, something I have been threatening to do for years. I have already posted two or three scans on other topics but i thought that it would be nice to upload the odd photo in one place as I progress through my back catalogue ..... as it were. No chronological order because as I unearth yet another slide magazine from boxes stored in the garage I am putting a selection through the scanner so it's a bit pot luck.

I will start with this:

Stuttgart Hbf - 02/08/1986 at 07:21 110 184-9 hauling empty stock into the station.

It was early on a Saturday morning and we had arrived on the overnight train from Ostende. We (being my wife and daughter plus me) lived in Cambridge at that time and had travelled down to London Victoria to catch the midday boat train connecting with the Dover - Ostende ferry service. Dover marine station was still in use and it was a short walk from the train onto the boat (or should that be ship). I was enjoying my early morning photographic opportunity as we waited for the 08:11 departure for Tubingen where we would spend a fortnight with my wife's parents.

For the technically minded the camera I was using at that time was a Contax 159MM and in this instance the film was AgfaChrome 100. As can be seen with the photo of 110 184-9 I had set the hyperfocal distance about 20' behind the front of the loco so the number is a bit blurred. Zeiss lenses were good but in use they were only as good as the idiot holding the camera.

The scanner is an Epson V600 using Epson scanning software and I'm adjusting the images where necessary with the basic image editing tools that come with Windows 10. Perhaps I could get a better result with more advanced software but to be honest, I'm not really a very advanced sort of chap so this will have to do.

So .......... onwards and upwards.

Best regards ................ Greyvoices (alias John)
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This is brilliant stuff, Greyvoices, utterly brilliant. Personal anecdotes, facts, data, awesome. More please.
As Reddo said, Karlsbad was a vacation spot for German tourists and still is today.
We all remember it from the cold war Le Carre novels though, don't we?
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Awwww Shucks. I am just an old fool reminiscing but thank you all for your feedback. My career grew out of my boyhood trainspotting obsession. I was born and raised in Bury St.Edmunds and just managed to catch the last whiffs of steam on the Eastern .......... as it then was. The high spot of my month was the publication day of Trains Illustrated (which became Modern Railways) and I made sure that I had 2/0d in my pocket when checking out W H Smith's which was located in the under croft of BSE station. Every issue would contain a feature on a foreign railway theme and it nurtured in me a determination to one day visit these exotic locations. My physical horizons were rather limited but my imagination was not so encumbered. Some of these articles had a profound affect on me especially the in depth studies of G. Freeman Allen and I have scanned an article from the June 1963 issue of Modern Railways:

Modern Railways June 1963 issue for which I paid 2/6d, a week's pocket money (if I wanted more I had to earn it). I have scanned the full article as a pdf file and if I will attempt to post the file here once I have worked out how to do it.

This was a 7 page article and this young 13 year old was fired with an ambition to one day go spotting in Germany .............. the rest is, as they say, history.

Years later and I finally upgraded to slide photography; still a spotter at heart but now a 38 years young professional railwayman. It's 1988 once again and we have moved north of Harburg, through Hamburg Hbf and alighted at Hamburg Dammtor. Twenty five years on from reading about the success of diesel - hydraulics in Germany I am happily making some half decent images of what those early prototypes had developed into.

Hamburg Dammtor, 11/04/88 at 15:24 and 218-461-2 is running through the station from the east with a postal train destined for Hamburg Altona.

More to follow. Advice on how to embed a pdf file in these posts would be welcome.

Best regards ................. Greyvoices (alias John)
....and now I know you are two years older than me !!
Still bet I've got more N7s than you !!

That would have been an interesting day, John. As you know, many of the class 31 locos were initially stationed at GER sheds. Even my 1965 locoshed book had D5500 to 5519 stationed at Stratford and they worked around most of the Norfolk/Suffolk/Cambridgeshire branches of the GER. A most memorable 'Brush 2' day was in early August 1965. I had my first Railrover ticket at the age of 13, it was Eastern Region starting on Saturday 31st July 1965 and finishing on 6th August. Seven days unlimited travel for 3 pounds 13 shillings and sixpence !! Much of the system was still open, most closed now. On the first day I had caught the 9.30 out of Liverpool Street (upon which I had a cab ride, on an EE4, with an official pass arranged by Bert Burgin, who worked at Stratford and travelled in to town from Sussex with my father - this is another story) to Norwich. Here I just managed to get on a Norfolk holiday special to points North, running via Thetford and that strange reversing loop thingy at Ely which enables access to the line to March, and on via Spalding, Sleaford, Lincoln and Gainsborough to Doncaster, from where I caught a fast train back to Kings Cross. The best day though was on the Wednesday (or was it the Tuesday ? ;)) whereby I caught the 8.30 semi fast to Norwich then got on a 2-coach DMU to take me via Wymondham, reversing at Dereham and along the lovely little branch through 'Narborough and Pentney' to Kings Lynn. Here I got on a 3-coach train to take me via Wisbech to March. I had to wait for an hour at March before departure of the afternoon train to Cambridge. I saw the ragtag collection of stock being prepared, and it probably had two parcels and a of Thomson and Gresley stock with Brush 2 at the head. We meandered down the branch to Chatteris and St Ives stopping everywhere and thence to Cambridge, where I caught a fast back to London. This was the day that still stands out to me, that little branchline trip from March behind D5581 (from memory) being the highpoint.
PS If I have told this story before, I'm sorry....
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Please tell which Le Carre novels Karlsbad was in!
Hi SImon,
'A Legacy of Spies' (one of his very best) for sure, but it was also in one of the Karla trilogy books..
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