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[QUOTEJust a courtesy reply John as I hv been gone awhile and catching up with all these threads. ]
It's good to see you back Reddo. I didn't know that you had a health problem but your report of recovery is welcome. How clunky a sentence is that? What;s happened to your layout and collection of models which I remember as being quite large.

Best regards ................ Greyvoices (alias John)
Thanks John. Its slow recovery process but enjoying coming back to this forum and seeing all the latest news and acquisitions 馃 The layout is in a state of hibernation but it wont take much to connect up all the last pieces of Profi track. I also keep buying bits and bobs (locos, building kits, lighting kits etc) when they are in the sale on MSL. I find the German approach to engineering their kits is just exemplary. So, all good fun and then there is YouTube with some cracking videos eg on the Alex/CSD sets between Munich and Prague. Lovely
81 - 86 of 86 Posts
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