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SCARM layout software

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Hello dear friends,

I want to introduce my freeware layout design program, called SCARM, which you can download and test from After the last major update, SCARM is able to print the track plan and now it has more than 40 track libraries included.

Because SCARM is still under development, I collect any ideas about new functionality or improving the existing features. I will appreciate any comments concerning SCARM here or by email - scarm at scarm dot info.

I was not sure where to post this topic, so I do it here - please excuse me if this is not the correct place or if I'm violating some of the forum rules.

from Bulgaria
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I had been planning to try SCARM for a while, but I've only just got around to it. It looks fantastic
, but there's a big problem for me
: it doesn't include Peco N-gauge Finescale (code 55) track. Any chance of adding another library?

- Michael
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SCARM just keeps getting better and better. Well done, Mixy!

- Michael
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1 - 2 of 378 Posts
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