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The previous videos on SCARM that I once made in the mean time are 8 years old. It's about time to renew them with higher quality HD video.

This is the first video of a new series on SCARM.

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SCARM video 2: Pan and Zoom

If a layout starts to grow larger than fits on the monitor screen the need to pan and zoom arises. This video shows how to manipulate the screen.

Link to SCARM video 2.

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SCARM video 3: Rulers, Grid, Units, Dimensions

The third SCARM video is about choosing mm or inches as units, about the rulers, the workspace grid, and how to use the measuring tape.

Link to SCARM video 3.

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SCARM video 4: Baseboard Design
  • Automatically generate a rectangular board
  • Free form drawing with the mouse
  • Create a board by entering its coordinates in the toolbox
  • How to add, delete, move line points

Link to SCARM video 4.

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SCARM video 7: Flexible Rail

Make any length or any (S) curve you like with flex / flexible rail. SCARM will snap when you close a gap.

Link to SCARM video 7.

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SCARM video 8 Parallel Start Point

A parallel start point can often help to lay a dual track on a predefined distance, specially for flex rail.

Link to SCARM video 8.

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SCARM video 9 Layers

Layers are of great help to keep oversight with larger layouts, or ones with height differences, or ones with many objects and/or text labels.

Link to SCARM video 9.

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SCARM video 10 Colors

We can use track colors to for instance indicate tracks that are on a different height, or to show a route we want a train to drive, or to highlight all the turnouts.

Link to SCARM video 10.

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SCARM video 11 Ramps and Heights

It’s surprisingly easy to create a ramp in SCARM. Select the tracks you want to be part of the ramp and enter the height. SCARM automatically calculates the intermediate heights at every track separation.

Link to SCARM video 11.

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SCARM video 12 Bridges and Tunnels

When designing a layout with height differences often a desire to have a bridge or a tunnel pops up. The video shows how to draw those in SCARM and how they look in 3D view.

Link to SCARM video 12.

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SCARM video 13 Draw Shapes

Shapes or figures can be drawn to enhance a layout with, say, station platforms and buildings. These can be basic shapes like rectangles or circles, but there's also a multi-point polygon option to draw irregular shapes. Shapes can be given a height and an elevation above or below the base, and they can be given a color and a transparency.

Link to SCARM video 13.

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Thank you for all this hard work, Ruud

SCARM video 14 Add Text

Text can be added to the layout to add an explanation or a legend, or to depict, say, turnout DCC addresses.

Link to SCARM video 14.

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SCARM video 15 - Image Export, Print, Parts List

The video shows how to:
  • export a design as a bmp or jpg picture
  • print the layout
  • print the layout real size, to use as an underly to lay the tracks
  • create a parts list (paid version only)

Link to SCARM video 15.

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1 - 14 of 14 Posts
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