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QUOTE (CeeDeeI @ 11 Feb 2006, 22:03)A good, often used method is a 50/50 mix of white PVA wood working glue and water with a dash of washing up liquid to break the surface tension. The scatter is put down first then the glue mix applied with a dropper or, in my case, a syringe. A gentle vacuuming, or brushing, the next day will show the areas you have missed. Keep the glue mix well away from the operating parts of your turnouts.

That's the best way to glue ballast down,but aren't we talking of scenic scatter materials here?

The method I've used in the past for scenic scatter,is mix slightly thinned PVA[not as runny as used for ballasting,-which should be the consistancy of milk] with emulsion paint,to give a 'base' colour,this then painted on the area to be worked on and the scatter applied fairly liberally,after a short while this can be gently tamped down with a rolled up cloth,and finally,when the glue has set the excess can be vacuumed off,as described previously...

I hope this is of help
1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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