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QUOTE (Brian Considine @ 2 Jul 2008, 00:25) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>Interesting that the UK seems to have gone down the road of ready to plonk down buildings whereas the europeans seem to prefer kits, also that the H & B market buildings & generally FLM/Roco don't !

I'd agree with Neil that between H & B there is now a considerable range of buildings making UK "modeling from boxes" a distinct possibility, which used to be an objection to modeling european in the UK !

*** Such buildings have low tooling costs and are relatively low investment.... which is why they can come in many new forms in a single sales season.

I'm aware many will welcome them and that is OK as its their choice - I'm not overly positive to them though...

While I think some from both B and H are quite nicely done, I think that they are exensive compared to the quality and the result of yet more on the market will be lots of sameness in railways across UK - just a new generation of the "superquick look".

Personally I think its also a shame that they give yet another reason to not learn hands on skills and really learn to be a modeller.

I find it an interesting contradiction that UK model loco's are getting better and modellers gnash their teeth and argue over minute detail while these model buildings which are are distinctly "average" in quality and detail will like the H ones pass without much comment.... Overall they are a great encouragement to the new or train set modeller but not a great contribution to the hobby as a whole.

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