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Scissors Crossing

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I have changed scale from N to 00 and because of space I need to insert a Scissors crossing in my station.
I have tried various combination of point work and diamonds with out any sucess. HELP please any pre built or ideas on the geometry
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I first need to stress that this is only an idea. It is not something that I've tried.

If you are using peco track and pointwork then their points have a 12 degree angle at the separation. They make a short crossing with a 24 degree angle which is correct for a scissors crossing but only if the two tracks are fairly wide apart. It may be possible to cut the ends of the points and the crossing to get them to fit together at much closer than the original distance between the tracks.

Good luck with the project. cheers, Robert.
There is no RTR option from UK track makers in OO, (unlike N where as you doubtless know Peco offer this formation) if you want to maintain the usual parallel lines spacing. Alternatives and Possibilities:

Non UK ranges: Atlas, Roco, Fleischmann, Kato, Tillig, would be worth a look;

Chop down 4 points and a matching diamond from a RTR range, and assemble the formation yourself;

Order from a points builder like Marcway or Borg Rail to match whatever track you intend using;

Construct it from rail and copperclad (best to practice soldered construction on a single point before anything this ambitious).
Shinohara make a scissors crossover that looks to be suitable.
You can, if you've got the skill, modify 4 peco turnouts and a wide angle diamond to make a scissors. However it's not easy. At a little under £39, I'd recommend you buy the Shinohara scissors...
Try W&T at Iwerne Minster, here in Dorset, they are (or were ?) distributors for a Japanese manufacturer in HO track, who made/make a scissors crossing in code 83.
Paul M.
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