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These days my scratch building is mostly restricted to buildings and track.

I use photographic evidence to design buildings and build them out of wood, card, plasticard and plaster.

My track is built using either copperclad sleepers, wooden sleepers with EM Society rivets or C&L components.

I have dabbled with building wooden bodied mineral wagons out of scribed 1 mm ply with Ratio or other chassis kits as well.

As far as locos go, the nearest to scratch building was a tender for a B1 before the Mainline one came out.

With so much good quality 4 mm RTR rolling stock around and in such variety it is difficult to justify scratch building anything these days. There seems to be a kit for almost everything not covered by RTR.

A good source of inspiration for me is the Model Railway Journal.

I think that a seperate category for scratch builders on this forum would be useful.

1 - 1 of 17 Posts
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