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Scratch built diesel locomotive

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I 've built hungarian diesel locomotive MÁV M41 in gauge 1. This modell (the original one) is the most used diesel loco in hungarian second line rail. My modell controlled by RC and power supply came from LiFE battery (2300ma capacity) This battery enought to use more than 3 hours. Model has 4 pcs. 12v motor (each axel) Please see attached pictures




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*** A really enjoyable thread, thank you.

Superb from start to finish - and wonderful precision in plastic scratch-building! The underframes and drive train structure are truly works of art and miniature engineering too.

Overall, they really capture the prototype look beautifully!

I am looking forward to seeing the final roof detail and windscreen wipers when they are added...

*** It certainly does - I really enjoy watching these models evolve from nothing.

They are all a pleasure to look at - creating such things from flat sheet takes time and it needs seriously good judgement to turn 2d images and drawings into 3d items - plus your workmanship is excellent, consistently well done and finely finished, even before the paint coat arrives.

Thank you for sharing the projects.

*** it is a real pleasure to see the photos of your modelling. The quality and attention to detail are inspiring.

*** As always with your builds - Wow!

Detail and quality of build are both exceptional. A real inspiration to look at.

regards, Richard
1 - 4 of 92 Posts
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